www.planmixplay.com soft launch
Sunday May 29, 2016 | Lasse Laursen

A soft launch is when you preview something to a limited audience before making it available to the general public. So, technically, this is not a soft launch as anyone on the internet can waltz right up to this domain and take a gander. But pretending an audience the size of anything resembling the general public might do such a thing, would probably be slightly delusional. But delusions not withstanding: Welcome!

Today officially marks the offical second release of PlanMixPlay.com! (If you happen to be reading this on LasseLaursen.com, you should instead head over to PlanMixPlay.com and look at how much we've redecorated!)

Before we go any further let's address the tiny elephant in the room that most of us are actually unaware of: The planned release of PlanMixPlay itself (the instrument), in early 2016. This has not happened. Tempting as it might be to pull a 'politician' and start redefining the terms 'early 2016' and 'release', I think sticking with reality will get us much further.

PlanMixPlay is still scheduled to have its first release in 2016, but alas, various quality issues have kept it from happening so far. The specifics are tedious and boring, so let's skip those and just reaffirm that things are progressing, and as soon as I feel comfortable with the quality of a first pre-alpha release that only a mother could love, then I'll be putting it up here, post haste.

As you may have spotted, there isn't a whole lot in terms of screenshots, videos, or other interesting material available currently, but the priority is currently on getting a first release out the door, and the rest will follow. In the meantime, if you're keen on keeping up to date with progress as it's being made, we have a small selection of carefully curated social media channels (hand picked by authentic Millenials) for you to subscribe to, including:




Finally, last but not least, PlanMixPlay is used on a semi-weekly basis to broadcast a live internet-radio show with on SlayRadio.org, so if you're keen to at least hear it in action, feel free to tune in every Sunday at 20:00 CEST.

Hope to see you there.

That being said, have a wonderful day!

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